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Welcome to Bang Saen Beach.
For decades Had Bang Saen has been the favorite weekend getaway resort for Thai people. Located 85 km south of Bangkok, just 45 minutes drive from the Suvarnabhum airport via Highway nr. 7. You will not find hordes of tourists in this charming village, instead, during the weekends and holidays, you will find this sleepy village transforming into a social Hotspot for Thai nationals. Farmers from the north-east sharing the same beach with Bangkok high-rollers, drinking whiskey, making music, practice dancing and, even, swimming in the Gulf of Thailand. Here, in this slow-paced environment, where even today a foreigner is something 'odd' , you can let go of your western rush and just relax, or ease out in one of the ever changing restaurants in Bangsaen. During the night you can find several restaurants are open on beachroad between soi 1 and soi 2
Songkran Festival 2016.

Celebrating Songkran is a special thing, this year to be held 13, 14, 15 april and followed on 16 and 17 by the Wan Lai festival. Songkran water festivities will continue during Wan Lai, so if you love playing with water!! The Wan Lai festival is held on the beach near the roundabout and brings the local community together for fun, games and food. Everybody is having a good time, beautifull sandcastles are built and on display on the beach and kids enjoy themselves at the game-area. A deep pit is dug on the beach to create a waterpool for waterboxing, game on! During the evening/night you can enjoy free concerts at the beachroad near the Tide Resort and on the roundabout area. To keep things friendly and easy, it is not allowed to consume alcohol at the concert venue's

The Bangsaen Thailand Speedfestival.

In 2007 Bangsaen hosted the first ever Bangsaen Speedfestival, an amazing event, right on the streets of Bangsaen! The quiet village of Bangsaen will be transformed in a 'Monaco in Asia' it is truly amazing to visit Bangsaen during race week. During the day you will see Classic cars, Super cars, drifting and much more. During the nights, especially saturdaynight, the local youth takes over the beachroad..... hopefully the police will keep them at a slow pace .The complete Northern area will be used as circuit, right on the doorstep of hotels, guesthouses. Come to Bangsaen and enjoy it all, where else can you get so close to the action? And its free! Amazing Racing!

PLANNED DATE FOR 2016:  22-27 november 2016

Visiting and Living in Thailand: Visa and Legal issues.

Holidaying, Working, Living, Retiring, Marrying or Studying in Thailand has some steep rules concerning visa's and immigration. A new law has come into place with very severe penalties for illigal aliens. (Without or incorrect visa/permit) Punishement varies from jailtime or financial penalty to entryban to the Kingdom for up to 10 years! It is advisable to seek legal assistance for any issues
However, good legal advice is expensive and some issues can be solved or put on the rails by people who 'been there, done that' and are more than willing to help you out without any cost.  Please visit the following Facebook advice group: Thailand visa, and entry/ exit /passport help group.  Here you can post your questions, requests or your tips and information on these issues. The group is strictly moderated, no spam or advertising is allowed, no off-topic discussions or 'funny shizzle' . These people will help you as best they can and have a huge experience with these things. Trolls will be 'dealt with' !!

Click picture to visit/join the group.

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