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A dramatic lovestory decides name of the village and mountain.

Once upon a time, sometime in the 18 th century, there was a small village near the sea where the villagers earned their living by fishing. One very rich family that lived in this village had a son named Saen. One day, Saen went out to fly his kite. Suddenly, the string broke and the kite flew away. Saen followed the kite until he came to a garden. He entered the garden and found a very beautiful girl. When the girl saw Saen, she was very frightened. Saen asked for forgiveness for entering her garden. After talking to the girl, he learned that her name was Muk and she was the daughter of the owner of the garden. When they grew up, Saen and Muk fell in love with each other and one day Saen gave Muk a ring. He promised her that nothing could separate them but death. But;………
... Saen’s father did not want Saen to marry Muk because Muk was very poor. So, he chose a rich girl for Saen and arranged the wedding day. Muk was so sad when she heard the story.She said that she would kill herself if Saen married the girl. When the wedding day came, Muk was one of the guests and when she poured the holy water on Saen’s hands, she took off the ring and, saying goodbye, she ran out of the house. Saen got up quickly and followed, calling out to Muk to come back. When Saen found her, Muk was standing on the edge of the cliff. he turned slowly towards Saen, put her hands together to “wai” him to show her respect and love, and then jumped down into the sea below. Without thinking, Saen followed his lover and they were joined together in death. Saen’s father asked the villagers to call the beach Bangsaen and the cliff Sam Muk Hill. And they still have these names to this day.
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